Starting My Own Business and Living Out My Dream

| Fitness, Motivation

Creating a business has to come from a deep sense of purpose. I’ve been training for over 18 years, and for two years have worked for my own company,!

I started in the fitness industry when I was 18 years old. I had a strong desire to help others, and I wanted to have positive impact on the world. I began at a “national chain” gym as a maintenance and valet attendant while completing my degree and personal training certification. I was soon allowed to start a youth fitness program — but had to train in a small side room. I wanted to get out on the main floor to train. Once I completed my first certification, my boss said I was ready to get out on the main floor! I was so excited — I had been dreaming about this moment! I began finding my groove and getting all kinds of new clients. Training was going so well that I had a small waiting list of clients to work with me at one of the gym branches. 

To further improve my job skills, I then took a job as assistant fitness manager at a downtown Seattle “boutique” gym. This was my first management job, and my favorite part about it was being able to manage trainers with distinct personalities. Trainers can be “divas” — almost like NFL wide receivers! — and I enjoyed the challenge of managing them.

That gym went through a lot of changes, including several rounds of downsizing. I stayed patient and showed I could be a leader. I was elevated to Fitness Manager and was now in charge of the full team. It was a great experience!  That gym abruptly closed — part of Seattle’s huge growth and high rents. Our space was converted to more lucrative medical office space.

At first I was disappointed, but then I realized the opportunity in front of me. One door closed and another opened. After 11 years in the fitness industry I was ready to form Dan Lippman Fitness, LLC, and 96% of my clients followed me! I found four studio gyms in a variety of locations out of which I could run the business. Primarily doing one-on-one training sessions, I also did some partner sessions and mini classes of 3-4 people at a time. 

I am so grateful to represent my own brand. Some people aren’t meant to be their own boss, but I was ready! We are more motivated when we are working for ourselves and building our own dreams. Everyday I feel blessed to do what I love and have such a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, enjoy the process. Don’t let your current circumstances control your full vision for your life. I’m exactly where I want to be now and couldn’t be happier. 

Let’s leave the world in a healthier place! Everyone needs that positive outlet and stress relief! Now let’s go train!