Dan Lippman


I became a trainer because I found a burning desire within myself to help impact others’ lives. I want to help my clients break free from sedentary lifestyles to become more active, flexible, and healthier. Our bodies were designed for movement. People that live with pain should not have to live with pain.

I focus on meeting clients at their current fitness level and setting attainable short and long term goals. Once goals are set, I will create a program that is designed and tailored to the individual’s goals. I devote significant time to personalizing all of my clients’ workouts and programs to ensure they on the right course.

I have never once in 15 years had a client unhappy with the service they were provided. I have never had a client leave a session before and not feel much better than when they began. I care about the wellbeing of all my clients and go the extra mile to make sure everyone I work with is beyond satisfied.

My biggest satisfaction is making sure my clients are satisfied and successful. Working with me will allow you to not only achieve physical success but to improve your overall quality of life. I can help you live pain free and accomplish goals you never thought possible!



I train clients to maximize their potential and to get the most out of life. My approach is based on science and psychology.  I dive deep into your individual condition and develop a unique program to help you maximize who you are and get you to where you can be.

No matter where you're at in your fitness journey, I look forward to working with you to help you succeed at your goals.

When I walked through the door, it had been several years since I had been in a gym, I was low on energy, and I needed to lose 40+ pounds.  I felt that a trainer would help get me back in shape.  I had the great luck of being paired with Danny Lippman!  His skill, enthusiasm, and positivity were motivational!  In the year and a half since, I have lost almost 30 pounds, my flexibility is markedly improved, I have high energy, and exercise, once a rarity, is now a part of my life nearly every day.  I have a ways to go, but thanks to Danny, I am achieving my goals!

Steve, physician

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About Me

I’ve spent over a decade as a fitness professional. I specialize in functional training, weight loss, injury prevention, and sports specific training. I utilize positive reinforcement and motivation, which provides my clients with the tools and support they need to succeed at their health and fitness goals. I have worked with a wide variety of groups and clients ranging from youths between ages of 7-14, athletes, seniors, and business professionals to help them achieve a wide variety of goals. Older clients have experienced decreased to no pain, improved sleep, improved mood, decreased stress, and increased confidence. Athletes of all ages have seen increased mobility and strength, as well as improved speed and stamina allowing them to reach peak performance levels needed to excel at their competitive sports.

In my time as a trainer I have made it a point to continue to gain more knowledge by increasing my education level and I continue to personally train clients 1 on 1 or as couples, small groups, and corporate classes.


- Dan Lippman