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Success Stories

Throughout the years, Dan has had the chance to meet individuals from all walks of life - each with different goals and different motivating factors. Their hard work coupled with Dan’s programming has profoundly impacted their lives. Read below to hear from some of Dan’s clients and learn about their success stories.

I worked with Dan for nearly two years with the goal of transformation, but also education. Dan helped me hit my goals by gaining lean muscle and losing fat. I lost over 40lbs, but that doesn't tell the true story of the muscle I have gained. Most importantly though Dan taught me how to take care of my body - exercise and health - and did it in a patient, thoughtful manner. Dan was all about safety and doing things the right way. Would recommend Dan as a trainer for anyone looking to take their health seriously.


It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to employ Danny Lippman with Chiles Sports Development.

Danny made himself available to CSD at a time when the demand and need of a good trainer was high. Quickly Danny demonstrated to me a high level of passion and dedication for the development and improved athletic performance for our clients. His leadership and ability to implement CSD’s programs was evident to me. Athletes were responding to the program, but better yet they responded to a new face of leadership and consistently achieved their goals. Danny worked with me on a weekly basis for over a year. His infectious personality and knowledge to implement exercise routines in a safe and progressive manner gave my company the opportunity to grow!

Danny successfully implemented sports performance training at multiple venues including, Mercer Island HS, Issaquah HS, and Skyline HS performance programs. Staying consistent with his job description and understanding what makes CSD unique, Danny effectively duplicated the unique vision of CSD.

I wish the best for Danny with his career path. Anyone who is reading this letter of recommendation on behalf of Danny Lippman be advised you will be exposed to a passionate detailed individual that will work and provide for your best interests! Danny demonstrates dedication, commitment, passion, loyalty, vision and an unwavering confidence to help clients reach their goals and be the best they aspire to be.


I have been working with Dan for over seven years now. After having open heart surgery I realized that I needed to start focusing on putting my health first. I had to take a brief hiatus two years ago after I had knee replacement surgery. Dan met with my physical therapist. He developed a game plan to implement when we resumed my training. I was very thankful for the extra effort he put in to prepare for our sessions. I am now back training and feeling much better. Dan is (very!) thorough in following up after our training sessions to see if I’m staying focused on my nutrition. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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