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Success Stories

Throughout the years, Dan has had the chance to meet individuals from all walks of life - each with different goals and different motivating factors. Their hard work coupled with Dan’s programming has profoundly impacted their lives. Read below to hear from some of Dan’s clients and learn about their success stories.

I've worked with coach Dan since 2018. Over the years, I've worked with a number of different trainers, Dan clearly loves what he does and cares deeply for his clients. Dan not only focuses on functional training, he also stresses mindfulness, something that has helped me along my fitness journey. I highly recommend coach Dan for his expertise, motivational skills, and his ability to push you farther than you think you can go!


I have been training with Dan for just over a year and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results.  Dan encourages and motivates me with every workout, and always includes variety & challenging new exercises in our sessions, which I really appreciate.  His knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition, and his personalized coaching has helped me to lose over 50 lbs. and achieve a level of fitness that I thought was unattainable.  I am stoked to continue working towards my fitness goals and to take them to the next level, and there is no doubt in my mind that with Coach Dan guiding the way, I will get there!

I have worked with other coaches in the past, but Dan stands out from the crowd.  Like many other coaches, he is an expert in his field; however, Dan also possesses the intangible qualities that make all the difference for me. Simply put, he is one of the most dedicated, caring, generous, and positive people I have ever known.  His boundless enthusiasm & unwavering belief in others is truly inspiring.

When we first started working together, I wasn’t very confident in my ability to achieve my goals and expressed doubts to Dan.  As he always does, he patiently listened, shared some encouraging words and said, “Jay – I believe in YOU!  And I promise that one day, you’ll get to a point when you believe in yourself as much if not more than I believe in you.”  I half-heartedly embraced his message, but admittedly, didn’t truly grasp what he was saying at the time.  Nevertheless, Dan’s words never left my memory.  It hasn’t always been easy and we’ve hit a few road bumps along the way, but I’m proud to say that Dan’s promise came true!   As we’ve continued working together, my belief in myself has grown exponentially – thanks in no small part to Coach Dan.

Dan is the real deal, and I couldn’t be grateful to have him as my coach on my health & wellness journey…you will be too!


I have had many trainers over the last 20 years, including Danny when he worked at the Issaquah Gold's Gym many years ago.  Even early in his career, Danny’s passion for personal training and the well-being of his clients stood out.  I was excited to learn that Danny was going into business for himself, because it presented an opportunity for me to train with him again.  

Danny took the time to understand my fitness goals, strengths, and weaknesses.  He is committed to my success and most importantly, Danny has the knowledge required to enable customized fitness programs.  I am an avid cyclist, so it is important for me to have balance in my training to support cycling goals as well as to develop underutilized muscles.  Danny has the ability to ensure this happens and the enthusiasm to make it fun.


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