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Throughout the years, Dan has had the chance to meet individuals from all walks of life - each with different goals and different motivating factors. Their hard work coupled with Dan’s programming has profoundly impacted their lives. Read below to hear from some of Dan’s clients and learn about their success stories.

I started working with Danny the year before my wedding. He helped transform my arms so that I felt super confident at my wedding! He's a great trainer that is super focused on the correct form. He went above and beyond by teaching and helping with nutrition as well. His positivity is contagious, and he has made me stronger than I thought possible. I even came in for a workout on the morning of my wedding!! I would recommend him to anyone!!


I have been working with Dan for over seven years now. After having open heart surgery I realized that I needed to start focusing on putting my health first. I had to take a brief hiatus two years ago after I had knee replacement surgery. Dan met with my physical therapist. He developed a game plan to implement when we resumed my training. I was very thankful for the extra effort he put in to prepare for our sessions. I am now back training and feeling much better. Dan is (very!) thorough in following up after our training sessions to see if I’m staying focused on my nutrition. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.


I have worked with Danny since January 2013. He's thoughtful in his approach as he understands the demands we put on our bodies. Danny’s flexibility, as well as his focus on proper form, help ensure that each workout is beneficial and challenging.

I’ve had injuries from other activities that I thought would completely hinder my ability to meet my goals. Danny has kept me on track with kind words and advice, and helped me through recovery. Even when I miss a step or two of his post workout guidance, he reminds me of the key benefits for making those steps a habit. His positive attitude and constant praise make me want to push myself further.


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