The importance of physical activity during times of stress

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I noticed last week that my client was very upset and stressed out about work. Things were changing that were out of their control and there was nothing they could do about the negativity. They could have easily contacted me and said they were unable to come in due to these huge changes and that they were just heading home. I noticed when I saw my client that they looked stressed, tired and no motivation.

I made sure to tailor the session to my client’s needs and focus on it being a positive outlet and stress relief while still sticking to the program to accomplish their goals. I noticed at the end of the session that my client was happy and had increased energy and decreased stress. My client then proceeded to tell me that they were so glad that they came in even though they were very close to canceling. They then said that they felt so much better and were completely looking at their work situation differently. 

This shows the importance of physical activity during stress. It may be easier to not go train and just go have a glass of wine or a drink. What we need is the best natural high you can get which is the endorphin release you achieve after exercising. This will begin the process of feeling better and helping promote the positive outlet about the situation that you were stressed about in the first place. Everybody needs a safe haven where they can go when things get tough. While others turn to alcohol or drugs, your health and fitness should always come first! This will not only clear your mind but increase your energy and improve your sleep. There is no better positive outlet than training and getting that endorphin release. Lack of sleep is a huge contributing factor to disease in our society. Combat that by staying consistent with your physical activity when you need it most. 

My client had a much better day the following day. By the time I saw them for their second training session of the week they were showing good mental toughness and not letting the work or home environment get to them. After my client’s session before they left they said again “You’re the best, I needed that and feel like a new person”. Hearing that twice in a week made me feel very content. 

What is your safe haven and positive outlet? Exercise should be first on the list if not one of your top five. Never forget the importance of activity during stressful times!!!